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City Air News is North-India’s leading regional news portal

We are the leading news portal concentrating on regional and entertainment news. The news bytes cover majorly the gossips, spoilers, and the controversies happening inside the Pollywood (Punjabi language movie industry). It digs inside the personal life of celebrities and carves out the juicy updates. The portal also keeps the audience posted about Ludhiana Breaking News to keep them updated.


We do this across:

· Pollywood industry, including latest gossips, relationship news of the celebrities along with their lifestyle, grooming sessions, beauty secrets and news about upcoming movies, their music albums, covers and much more.


· Television news embodies all the latest gossips about upcoming serials, ongoing shows, the life of the celebrities, reality shows, award nights, etc.

· Music industry, the upcoming tracks, most-searched celebs and their lifestyles, latest cover releases, news about trending music albums, remakes and everything happening inside the industry.


The Bollywood industry has always been keen towards Pollywood film and music industry. Nowadays, popular celebrities are participating in reality shows and marking a ground-breaking entry on the big screen. We bring the inside story of these celebrities and their ongoing projects in the Bollywood film industry.

The website also covers news from different genre like World, Nation, Business, Education, Sports, Punjab, Lifestyle and more. Each category satisfies the demand of today’s audiences. The website has been reporting impartial news, true judgments, and opts to be neutral in the benefit of readers and society. We strive to create distinct, world-class articles to spread the real news for the people of our nation and also across the world.


Mission, Values, Purpose

Our sole mission is to act in the interest of society and the public. We create high-quality articles to educate and entertain society. We want to bring the best in class work with fairness and accuracy to preserve the values and emotions of the audiences as well as society. The sole purpose of the portal is to fill the hearts of the readers with entertainment and joy. We live in a secular country and represent different communities. We never intend to harm or hamper anyone’s believes and emotions. We make every effort to bring the nation together via the entertainment industry’s news and gossip. Alongside, we attempt to spike social cohesion and welfare among the people of the country.


City Air News Values:

We have a set the values for everyone associated with the website.

· Our sole intention at heart is to entertain the audience.

· We celebrate diversity and respect each other.

· Impartiality and fairness are the major judgement criteria at work.

· Creativity is the livelihood of the organisation.

· We are one and miracles happen when we come together.


Entertainment News India TV is on the boom. The growing popularity of the industry is gradually increasing traffic and encouraging fake news. We at City Air News bring absolute, accurate, and unbiased news from the entertainment industry. We attempt to provide top-notch work with the assurance of fairness and unprejudiced information.

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